Line Brems by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Italia August 2014


Scandanavian table set for meal


Santillo 1970

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The most beautiful 5 hour hike leading to a tea house in the mountains

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Japanese brand Zoo Jeans has actually managed to innovate in the distressed denim department by using zoo animals such as lions, tigers and bears to rip and tear its jeans. According to The Conversation, the brand sews its fabric on “rimless tires, sausage-shaped bolsters, and fat rubber balls,” which are then thrown into cages at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City, Japan. The fabric is then carefully retrieved and taken to be sewn into pants.

The activity supposedly benefits the animals, providing stimuli to improve their well-being (a process known as environmental enrichment). All profits from the zoo-distressed jeans will go toward the zoo and the World Wildlife Foundation.


La Crueset Heaven

oil on board


August 2012 

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3 pairs of custom grade shoes, plus a side buckle pair I’m working on of my own design

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